ES RP-29 2006-MAR-11 Lghtng for Hosptals and Health Care Facltes

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Preface: This Recommended Practice revises and replaces IESNA RP-29-95, Lighting for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, published in 1995. Additional material on this topic can be found in Chapter 16 of the IESNA Lighting Handbook, Ninth Edition.

It is hoped that this latest Practice will provide guidelines for good lighting, stimulate the producers of lighting equipment, and inspire the designers of lighting systems so that the sick and infirm will have a more comfortable and enjoyable recovery environment.

The IESNA Committee for Health Care Facilities seeks to continually improve this Practice and welcomes suggestions. Previous publications issued by this Committee had the benefit of input from the late Dr. William C. Beck. This unique medical practitioner also appreciated the art and science of lighting. He applied his effort and imagination to improve hospital lighting. Much of Dr. Beck's research remains in this edition of the Practice, with new information provided by the Committee members listed in the roster and by other IESNA Committees. We cannot rest. We must continually seek ways to introduce new technology development and trends in a timely manner.

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