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Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is the pre-eminent standards development organization (SDO) in Canada. We work with business, regulators, government and industry to develop standards that work for people and business. CSA has published over 3,000 standards and codes, and is responsible for national standards including the Canadian Electrical Code (C22.1), Z662 Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems standard, and the B149 Natural Gas & Propane Installation code. In addition to publications, CSA provides training, application tools & guides, personnel certification and other resources to help organizations apply and derive the benefit of standards within their operations. Our heritage is Canadian, but our reach is global, with our programs available to organizations in the US, Europe and Asia.CSA Standards has over 80 years experience in the development of standards. We are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the Committee, Canvass and Organizational Methods of standards development.