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AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers Association carries the entire collection of AGMA standards and technical reports covering subjects such as: spur, bevel, helical, worm, hyoid and spiral gears; specifications for gear materials and lubricants; gear nomenclature (geometric), definitions, symbols and abbreviations; Information sheet gear scoring design guide for aerospace spur and helical power gears; surface temper inspection process; design of components, enclosed gear drives, bearings, bolting keys and shafting; design manual for bevel gears; system design of general industrial double-enveloping wormgears; design manual for fine-pitch gearing; practice for high-speed helical and herringbone gear units; bore and keyway sizes for flexible couplings; balance classification for flexible couplings; and standards for metric usage.
The American Gear Manufacturers Association is a voluntary association of companies, consultants, and academicians with a direct interest in the design, manufacture, and application of gears, couplings and related power transmission components and equipment. 

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